Amy. (2015)

Only God Forgives. (2013)

“If ‘Drive’ is like really good cocaine, then this film is like strong acid – the kind where you like, turn into a chair”. These are the words Nicholas Winding […]

Much Ado About Nothing. (2013)

It’s quite extraordinary that at the same time as directing the highest grossing film of 2012 ‘The Avengers’, Josh Whedan was simultaneously shooting his own version of Shakespeare’s very own […]

The Great Gatsby. (2013)

As a rule of thumb, so often the most disappointment films of all are sequels. The Hangover 2 for example, Spiderman 3, X-Men The Last Stand. Some have even gone […]

I’m so excited! (2013)

Spanish saucepot Pedro Almodovar is up to his old tricks again with this swift 90 minute romp-athon. 33 years ago, his debut film “Pepi, Luci, Bom” graced our screens, offering […]

The inevitable defeat of Mister and Pete. (2013)

The almost insurmountable gloom that we see the protagonists face in this Sundance premiered film is a very brave and interestingly refreshing move from Director George Tillman Jr. Unsettling of […]

The Place Beyond the Pines. (2013)

Any film that opens with a scene using shameless exploitation of Ryan Gosling’s insistently glorious abs, with a few tattoos and a knife added in for good measure, is alright […]

Trance. (2013)

After the epic exertions of his Olympic opening ceremony bonanza, Danny Boyle must be feeling pretty smug with himself. Granted, he turned down an OBE for his efforts, but looking […]

Compliance. (2013)

Craig Zobel’s docu-drama caused mass walkouts at Sundance Festival. Not that surprising really, given there’s not one single moment of this entire film that’s even remotely enjoyable to watch. However, […]

Feature: Why The Oscars should let go of the Los Angeles apron strings

Simon Jenkins wrote a very brave piece indeed for the Evening Standard recently about how The Oscars should be held in London next year. So many staunch industry bods will […]

Side Effects. (2013)

The commodification of anti-depressant drugs is a subject that has long been close to my heart. Granted, the UK probably isn’t in as deep as the US is, but given […]