Film Feast review

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the latest House of Peroni residency, this time themed around the best of Italian film. We went down to check out the ‘Film Feast’ event.

The idea of an ‘edible cinema experience’ is a novel one, and one that could have very easily fallen flat on its edible face. Quite the contrary – Film Feast was a thoroughly enjoyable, a well organised and classy affair, and one that’s encouraged us to try more of these cinema ‘experiences’, which is saying something given what film ‘purists’ we are.

The menu was designed by Bottega Wapping, and was pitched as ‘bringing to life the tastes, smells and textures of the film’. There was a danger that it could have taken itself too seriously, but the best thing about this event was how relaxed it was and how much fun everyone appeared to be having. We were told when we could eat our courses by a humble paper sign being held up, which by the end of the film was actually a very important part of the whole experience somehow, with everyone’s eyes excitedly flitting around the cinema to see when the permission would be given to dive in.

Granted, this was the second time we had seen the brilliant ‘The Great Beauty’ from Paolo Sorrentino, and had it been the first time we’d seen it we may have felt that the eight course menu was a bit of a distraction from what is actually a hugely intricate and quite complex film, but that’s not to say that everyone will feel the same.

The House of Peroni is closed now, but back May 2014. We can’t wait to see what they dream up for the next residency.

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