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Jeune Femme / Montparnasse Bienvenüe. (2018)

The modern version of creating and utilizing new identities, both metaphorically and digitally, is a concept that is intensifying at a curiously rapid rate. Want to administer your own therapy […]

Gone girl. (2014)

Director David Fincher has a real knack for throwing expectations on their head. His resume is full of films that quite easily could have been wincingly bad – Brad Pitt […]

Boyhood. (2014)

‘What do you want to be, Mason? What do you want to do?’ This is the poignant question asked of Linklater’s protagonist in his passion project, ‘Boyhood’, and one which […]

The Raid 2. (2014)

There’s a set of unwritten rules in films like The Raid 2. Number one: you must never bring a gun to a fist fight. Knives and clubs are fine, just […]

Nymphomaniac, Volume 1. (2014)

Watching Lars von Trier’s 2009 film ‘Antichrist’ is no mean feat. Openly inspired by Japanese horror films ‘Ring’ and ‘Dark Water’, we’re treated to a deranged heave with a dead […]

Rush. (2013)

Asif Kapadia’s ‘Senna’ was undoubtedly the finest Formula 1 film to have ever hit the big screen. Now, ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘A Beautiful Mind’ director Ron Howard has thrown his […]

Holy Motors UK Premiere. (2012)

Director Leos Carax hasn’t released a feature film for 13 long years. His last was ‘Pola X’, which many have said was vastly underrated. Seeing Holy Motors, you might think […]